Parish Nature

Chaddesley Woods were probably mentioned in the Domesday Book as the ‘wood of two leagues’

Parish Nature

It is thought the woods date back to the Iron Age.   The presence of ancient woodland indicator species support this – flowers such as yellow archangel, herb Paris and dog’s mercury and trees like small-leaved lime and wild service trees.


Worcestershire fruit tress all planted by local volunteers

Visitors to Chaddesley Woods  will find themselves in ancient woodland that is predominantly mature oak with hazel coppice. 

If you simply want a tranquil space to pause and reflect then visit the Community Orchard which can be found at the rear of Hemmingway.  This was planted in 2009 and can be enjoyed by families as play equipment has been installed.  When the fruit ripens and falls it is available to all Parish members and friends of the Parish

The Parish has an extensive network of rural footpaths including 2 of historical importance : Royal Hunter’s Way and Monarch’s Way.

The tranquil orchard also features a children’s play area.  It boards over 100 Worcestershire fruit tress all planted by local volunteers.

Evidence of medieval fishponds can be found in Chaddesley Village and can be seen from either side of the road between Bromsgrove and Kidderminster.  Other examples can also be found at Harvington Hal

“What is it about the English countryside

 why does it touch one so?”  Dodie Smith

Food & Drink

Satisfy your love of food and drink in our beautiful Parish.  Here you can find wholesome desserts (apple crumble anyone?) and quintessential pub favourites such as fish and chips, flat iron steak and Yorkshire pudding.  Want to go posher with seabass?  Our beautiful local hotels can offer gastronomic excellence. 


In our Parish you can connect with the long, storied history of England.  Immerse yourself with exciting stories from the past


There is nothing like the English countryside for a rural escape.  In the Parish of Chaddesley Corbett you can step into a quaint patchwork of chocolate box villages and hamlets.  Or simply enjoy the simple pleasure of walking through historic woodland