Parish History

For a parish of approximately 6,000 acres we are awash with some amazing heritage. We are blessed with 77 listed structures : a huge number in a parish of 1400 population. There is history in abundance in the Parish and the outlying hamlets.

History In Chaddesley

In Saxon times Chaddesley was originally named Cad lea or the place of Chad.  In the Domesday Book our parish is referred to as Cedeslai. Our church is a must visit and can be seen from the A448 (Bromsgrove / Kidderminster road) .  It is a Norman church and dates back to the 12th Century .  Must sees are the remarkable font, carved in Celtic style which dates back to the 12th Century.  St Cassian’s also boasts two effigies, both of which are stone knights clad in chain mail.  One has his feet resting on a dog and his hand on the hilt of his sword. The armour and chain mail are terrific and extremely detailed. You can see each small link o fmail.

Listed Structures

A walk along Chaddesley main street allows you to step back in time.  There are plenty of buildings of historical and architectural importance, check out the impressive Talbot Pub which back to 1600, the Old Grammar School, the Tudor House, the Lych Gate and the Old Police House all give you a feel for a different era.

Harvington Hall dates back to the 14th and 16th century. It is a is a picturesque moated medieval manor house dating to the late 14th century. It is famous for its large number of secret priest holes, and is a maze of creaking floorboards and passages, and, of course, secret hiding places for priests.  It truly is a hidden gem  Next to Harvington Hall you will also find Saint Mary’s Church, the earliest Roman Catholic Church in the district. 

Hartlebury Castle is another of our Parish’ historical gems.  Formerly the home to the Bishop of Worcester it is now run by the preservation Trust.  It boasts the world renowned Hurd Library which many consider to be one of the most beautiful libraries in Britain.  Hartlebury Castle is a hub of activity and boasts artifacts, walks and café.

The Monarchs Way runs through the Parish.  This was part of  Charles II’s flight from Worcester in 1650.

If you want recent history then take a look at the Chartist bungalow (Rosedene) dating back from 1945 and is an interesting snippet of social reform.  Or visit John Bonham’s grave  (legendary guitarist from Led Zepplin) in Rushock

This is simply a snippet of the history that we have available in our Parish.  For more detailed information guide books and suggested walks area  are available to buy in the Church and from the tea room. 

Need to know more?

Visit our parish for a truly memorable step back in time

Food & Drink

Satisfy your love of food and drink in our beautiful Parish.  Here you can find wholesome desserts (apple crumble anyone?) and quintessential pub favourites such as fish and chips, flat iron steak and Yorkshire pudding.  Want to go posher with seabass?  Our beautiful local hotels can offer gastronomic excellence. 


In our Parish you can connect with the long, storied history of England.  Immerse yourself with exciting stories from the past


There is nothing like the English countryside for a rural escape.  In the Parish of Chaddesley Corbett you can step into a quaint patchwork of chocolate box villages and hamlets.  Or simply enjoy the simple pleasure of walking through historic woodland